Black Belt Grading

Results of Seishin-Ryu black belt grading.

The time had come for our first black belt grading and i could see that the students were very nervous and didnt know what to expect.

We had a grading panel which consisted of Sensei Khai Tran, Sensei Delio Senatore, Jeff Haywood, Chris Haywood, invited 4th dan guest Sensei Gary Edwards and myself Sensei Ettore Senatore.

The grading started at 2:15pm and ran for approx. 3 hours.

The invited students were April Youngberry, Craig May, Ken Verrall, Melissa Senatore, Justen Rana, Ryan Garley and Jesse Carroll.

Ken Verrall did very well – he did and attempted everything with focus and a good attitude.
Ryan Garley was also very focused and showed it through his kata and bunkai which was very strong and well done.

Melissa, Justen and Jesse did also well.
Graig had the flu but persisted and did his best.
April was strong and put all what she had on the day and this showed in her sparring.

Jesse Carrroll, Justen Rana, Ryan Garley and Melissa Senatore all graded to shodan ho Black Belt.
Ken Verrall and Craig May graded to Shodan (1st Dan) and April Youngberry graded to Nidan (2nd Dan). Congratulations on all the students and a special thanks to Renato Langersek for taking video and all the parents and families who supported the students.

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