Lake Perseverance Karate Camp 2009.

To Seishin-Ryu Students and parents

I hope everyone who went on the camp had a great time and for those of us that attended for the first time I hope it was a memorable experience. I certainly had a fantastic time. I would like to thank you all for supporting the club and for your helping hand during the camp. A special mention to Dean, Syd, Sean, Roger for being on the BBQ, thank you gentlemen.

Also thank you Dean for organizing all the meat. A huge thank you to Cerry and Chantelle for being in the kitchen making sure we have clean glasses, crockery and cutlery. Thank you to Ermy for her delicious desert, to Blare and Renato for taking the photos and for bringing his telescope.

A full belly thank you to Karen, Peter, Celeste and Elisha for all your effort in the Kitchen preparing all our lovely meals and fresh fruit platters and making sure that we all had enough to eat and on time. Another very big thank you to every one that got in and help put all the chairs and tables away, all the washing up, and getting the kitchen spotless.

The camp was a great success once again and it could not have been done without everyone’s helping hand, so once and again on behalf of Seishin-Ryu Karate-Do, thank you. I am certainly looking forward to our next camp.

Osu !


Thankyou to Renato who supplied the photos
A total of 450 photos was taken. Not all the photos are on the website if you would like a copy come and see Ettore.
Ettore, Khai and Delio want to thank all Students and Parents who attended the Camp, as without you this would not have been possible.


State Title 2009 Results

Congratulations to all competitors, you all did fantastic.

Here is the results:

April Youngberry – 3rd in Continuous, 2nd Sparring
Justen Rana – 2nd in team kara, forms, sparring and continuous
Jesse Carroll – 3rd in kata, 1st in sparring, 2nd in team kata
David Hickman – 2nd in kata
Jonathan Reid – 3rd in kata
Jaimie Singh – 3rd in kata, 1st sparring
Lachlan Scott – 3rd in sparring
Shivani Rana – 2nd kata, 4th sparring
Michelle Evans – 2nd kata
Delio Senatore – 1st kata, 1st sparring
Melissa Senatore – 2nd team kata
Ermy Wood – 3rd sparring.

Now it is back to hard training in preparation for the Nationals which will be held in Melbourne at the end of November.