Links and info for the 2013 Trip to Japan:

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Hotel Yamaichi (Our Hotel in Okinawa)
This link should translate the hotel site to English:
> Hotel location on Google maps street view:

Look around a bit in Google maps, and you will see that the main street (Okiei odori) near the hotel seems to have a lot of cafes, restaurants and shops really close by. The end of the Okiei Odori has a Starbucks on the corner, an American style steakhouse (Cowboys Steakhouse) and a McDonalds just around the corner.

The hotel is also right near Kokusai Street, which is a big shopping district, which is at the end of Okiei Odori. It has heaps of different shops,bars and restaurants. (Google map)
Most of the stores are open by 10:00 a.m. and stay open pretty late. Some of the main side streets and shops close around dark because Kokusai has a nightlife separate from the shopping day. It is always busy with clubs, bars, and cheap places to eat until very late on the weekends.

Okinawa Prefecture Budokan (Hall of Martial Arts) – where I believe we will be training with Sensei tiara.
> Website:
Google map link

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Okinawa Karate Museum
> Website: (Entrance fee= 300yen)
Google map link

Shureido Martial Arts Store 
> Website:
> Google map link (10 mins walk from our hotel)

Shuri Castle 
> More info:
Google map link (10 mins walk from our hotel)

Okinawa World
> More info:
Okinawa World is a touristy theme park about Okinawan culture. The park’s main attractions are a massive natural cave, a craft village and a snake museum.

Dojo Bar
> Website:
“Okinawa is the home of karate and kobudo and the DOJO bar is a tribute to that heritage and a gateway for visitors to the island, its people and its rich fighting arts culture.”

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Bullet Train (Shinkansen)
 Japan’s high speed trains (bullet trains) are called Shinkansen 
> Download Route map
 More info on the routes, fares, etc can be seen here
Some day trip options on the Bullet train:
Kyoto Rail Tour by Bullet Train from Tokyo
> Mt Fuji, Lake Ashi and Bullet Train Day Trip from Tokyo

Local Sightseeing guide near our Hotel in Tokyo:


Great Japan Beer Festival, Tokyo 2013
Date: 1st & 2nd June
Place: Ebisu Garden Hall in Tokyo
Advance: ticket 4,800JPY
At door: ticket 5,200JPY
> Website: